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TOP JOY EPDM Rubber Granules


Rubber Granules is mainly made of all kinds of waste rubber, including waste rubber sole, tourism, leftover material, leather, rubber scrap cable, car mat and other waste rubber raw material.
EPDM rubber granules is made from synthetic rubber, it has a variety of colors, and excellent performance, resistant to ultraviolet radiation and chemical reaction. Especially when need different pattern design in the construction process, there is more prominent superiority of EPDM color granules.

Characteristics of the rubber granules
1.Excellent chemical stability
EPDM product has excellent corrosion resistance and chemical stability, it's resistant to ozone and heat oxygen aging.
2.Good elasticity
It can keep excellent elasticity even if it is still in low temperature.
3.Strong bonding
In the process of production, our technicists, after many experiments, have solved the most difficult problem of adhesion between particle and glue.
4.Bright colour
Our pigment come from domestic and foreign famous brand, strong colour fastness.

5.Products can be customized
According to customer's requirements of color, size, content of rubber, our products can be customized in order to meet the different needs of users.

The purpose of rubber granules

It is mainly used for sports runway, football field, tennis courts, basketball courts and other sports venues, and is widely used in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, families, kindergartens and nursing homes, roads, factories and other grounds that need shock absorbing, noise reducing, anti-slip. 

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