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Skiing all Year Round with Top-joy Dry Ski Slope


Skiing all year round is not a dream anymore. Top-joy gives your customers the best opportunity to prepare for the weekends, festivals and holidays, on our dry ski slope. This dry ski slope makes it possible to descend endlessly.

The dry ski flooring for ski slope is therefore pertect for your customers to learn the basics of skiing or to be used for training exercises for advanced skiers.

All of our ski slope products are made from first class materials and meet the requirments of customres who come from North America, East Europe etc..

What's more, this dry ski flooring can be installed easily and you will save much time and money to install it and the further maintainance.
Two days ago, a customer asked me how to install the dry ski slope. Actually, it's easy as a piece of cake. Once you see the detailed pictures, you will know the ways immdiately.