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New Pattern Garden Rubber Tile Is Coming


Top-Joy Garden Rubber flooring series is widely used in gardens, kindergarten, playground, pavement, etc. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, designed to ensure the safety and public health. Garden rubber tile is a good choice for indoor and outdoor playground.

- Beautiful pattern, you can also add your design to it.
- Shock absorbed, children won’t get hurt when they suddenlyfall down. 
- Anti-slip, waterproof and weather resistance.
  It is easy to install and remove.

It is used high quality raw material with different colors of EPDM rubber granules, pretty wear resistant and eco-friendly.
Tiles are 500mm×500mm×20mm to ensure the safety of children from different possible fall heights.

Application: Garden, kindergarten, playground, pavement
Thickness: 20mm
Size: 500mm×500mm

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