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EPDM Granules Installation Method(2)


Paving mechanically

1. Before the construction, the ground must be cleaned up, confirm the moisture content reach the degree of construction, coated with primer by brush evenly. Check and adjust the height of the paver regulator.
2. Put the mixture into the feeding area of paver;
3. Manual filling material timely when material leakage on both sides of mechanical effective width, clean up the spilled material and residual material.
4. Scraping corners and drainage hole in small angle with trowel, and added or subtracted promptly to avoid depression or uplift;
5. Put fiberglass mesh below the drainage holes to facilitate drainage;
6. Timely clear the debris,insects and leaves splashed down in the surface of base material.
7. Surface need joint treatment by trowel, so that almost no altitude difference;
8. Determine the position of close up and stick tape a good in advance;
9. After paving all the base material, clear tape timely;

Local repair

1. Vertical and horizontal construction joints and unevenness need special plane polishing machine to grind, until almost no altitude difference;
2. Local burr and cured spilled material that not clean before also need the same polishing machine to grind;
3. Inner and outer excess stock need to clear in time;
4. Angle of outsourcing should be consistent, controlled at 45 °angle,the outer side lines mark clearly

Positioning lineation

1. Lineation
2. According to the requirements of the constructor, lofting and ruling with the standard.
3. After retest correct, and then to reticule, width 5 cm. Reticule materials using polyurethane paint, has the advantage of strong resistance to wear, bright and not easy to become yellow.

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