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EPDM Granules Installation Method(1)


1. The place of Material stirred should be laid stirred tape or plastic sheeting, to avoid contamination of the ground and damage the quality of construction and affect the clean of environment.

2. The capacity of mixing barrel is 1.5-2 times the amount of stirring, mixing barrel should be dry and clean before use.

3. When mixed material should be poured into the EPDM granule and then poured into a one-component adhesive.   

4. The control of mixing time depending on the specific temperature and humidity, the basic mixing time is 3.5 minutes when 70% humidity and temperature of 25 ℃,also requires more than 99% of the colloidal particles coated adhesive can discharge;The stirred mixture should be timely transported to the work area.

5. Total amount of Material determined to the capacity of stirrer.

6. Avoid water directly into the mixing container when you stir.

7. The quantity of material and mixing time should timely record, each team summary on the day.

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