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Choose rubber tiles for cross fit court


Rubber tiles have been the common and necessary choice for cross fit center weight training area. Why it is so popular now?

Its advantages include fireproof, antislip, perfect wear resistance, rebounce ability, aging resistance and weather resistance. So it can provide the exerciser better.

How to tell good quality one from bad quality one?

The most apparent characteristics between them is the smell. Bad quality one came out with harsh smell that can even make people dizzy, because it's make of the worst material. However the good quality smells better.

The backing can also tell you which to choose. Bad quality rubber tiles are made in a short time, so the rubber granules on the backing cannot stick to each other tightly. You can even peel some granules done with your hands. On the contrary, good quality one is made in a enough longer time so its backing is much better.

You can also tell from the uniformity and size. 

In our company, you can rest assure with the quality control, because we will have at least two times checking before the shippment. We are always on our way to improve our quality and service. We also welcome you to check the quality during our production.

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