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What are the types of plastic rubber runways?

What are the types of plastic rubber runways? According to the different plastic track material, it can be divided into prefabricated plastic runway, plastic plastic track, hybrid plastic track, composite plastic track, breathable plastic track and EPDM plastic runway.

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The Advantages of Prefabricated Rubber Running Track

The Advantages of Prefabricated Rubber Interlocking Tiles

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TOP JOY EPDM Rubber Granules

EPDM rubber granules is made from synthetic rubber, it has a variety of colors, and excellent performance, resistant to ultraviolet radiation and chemical reaction.

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How To Choose Floor For Weight Room?

How to choose floor for weight room? Maybe you need a weight room to practice the dumbbell or barbell. Heavy machineries can also damage flooring surfaces.

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Interlocking Prefabricated Rubber Flooring For Kindergarten Play Area

As we said, Top-joy is always committed in the innovative rubber products. Our new product interlocking prefabricated rubber running track has been launched. The materials are virgin, high quality always.

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New Pattern Garden Rubber Tile Is Coming

Top-Joy Garden Rubber flooring series is widely used in gardens, kindergarten, playground, pavement, etc. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, designed to ensure the safety and public health.

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Application of Rubber Flooring Tile for Different Places

Rubber tile can be used in other places, such as backyard and garage.

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Choose rubber tiles for cross fit court

Rubber tiles have been the common and necessary choice for cross fit center weight training area. Why it is so popular now?

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Rubber Flooring Tile for Horse Stable

Rubber tile has been used for horse stable for many years. Top-joy has different horse stable rubber tile for your choice.

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EPDM Granules Installation Method(2)

After EPDM granules mixed and stirred, what should we do next step?Let's go to see the next step of EPDM granules method.

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