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Choose rubber tiles for cross fit court

Rubber tiles have been the common and necessary choice for cross fit center weight training area. Why it is so popular now?

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Rubber Flooring Tile for Horse Stable

Rubber tile has been used for horse stable for many years. Top-joy has different horse stable rubber tile for your choice.

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EPDM Granules Installation Method(2)

After EPDM granules mixed and stirred, what should we do next step?Let's go to see the next step of EPDM granules method.

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EPDM Granules Installation Method(1)

Do you know how to install EPDM Granules? Let's see this method.First, EPDM granules mixed and stirred

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What Is Prefabricated Rubber Running Track?

Prefabricated rubber sports running track are made from synthetic and natural rubber compounds,mineral fillers, color pigments,stabilizing agents and other materials, it is widely used in Stadium of Olympic Games,School, College...

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What Type of Flooring Are Suitable for Gym

Gym floor shopping guide.Gym naturally becomes a favored place. There are many kinds of gym floor materials, let’s take a look at which gym floor is better.Rubber Flooring, PVC flooring.

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Ballastic rubber tiles for shooting club

Shooting exercise is an exciting entertainment for people. But how can we protect ourselves when the bullets go out of its way?

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How to choose rubber flooring for your gym center?

Rubber flooring is the popular choice for gym center, it's shock absorbed and anti-slip. How to choose the most suitable rubber flooring for gym center? Here I will guide you.

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